My Wishlist

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The wishlist feature has been designed to help with your online lighting purchase experience.

You will need to have a account to use the feature but don't let this put you off.

The benefits of the Wishlist and reasons why you should register and create your own wishlist include:

Save your chosen products
All products will remain attached to your account profile for 30 days. If you are not quite ready to purchase save products to your wishlist. This way you can easily find your products when ready to purchase.

Share products with others
Saving products to your wishlist allows you to share these products with others. Simply log in to your account from any computer and your saved wishlist will be available.

Print your wishlist
Save a selection of our lighting products and then print off your wishlist to take into one of our stores. Our in store lighting professionals will help show you the actual products.

Add products directly to Cart.
The wishlist is a great way to save products before adding them to your cart. Products can be added directly to the cart when you are ready to purchase.

If you have any trouble using the wishlist please contact the Lighting Plus Web Support Team.