Columbus Bling.65 Pendant


Combining crystal with antique metal ware in a very classical way, this pendant will create a striking lighting feature in any space. A 5 light Marie Therese chandelier is suspended within the frame.


Antique rustic metal rods and chains

Clear pendant with clear crystals


  • The size and scale of this pendant makes it a great choice for suspending in your stairwell or high ceiling front entrance.
  • If your dining room has a ceiling height of 2.7m or more it could work really well suspended over your table.


  • Maximum Height: 2200mm
  • Suspension Length: 1800mm
  • Pendant Height: 330mm
  • Framing – Rods
  • Height of dome: 600mm
  • Diameter of dome: 640mm

Recommended Lamps (Not included)

  • Max wattage: 5 x 40W
  • Lamp: 240V
  • Base: E14


: $499.00 NOW ONLY $199.00 (Save $300.00)

PLU Code: 75366

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